Hello everyone!  JAO Photography again! I hope that you had a great September.  It is so nice to see the summer behind us as we head into October.  Last month was a fun one.  I was fortunate to be invited to shoot a baptism on Luke Airforce Base.  I feel that this was a very unique location.  It is not every day, unless you are military , that you get to go on base.  As unique as the location was, the family was even more so.  This family was brought together from all over the western hemisphere, from Alaska to Guatemala.  With large family gatherings it seems inevitable that not everything goes according to plan.  This event was no exception.  

     First, on the flight in from Texas, the families' luggage was left out in a thunderstorm which completely drenched everyones clothes.  The family was up until 2am the night before the baptism drying and Ironing everything.  When I arrived at 11:00 am the next day the family was still ironing!  

Their adventure didn't stop there.  Once they got to the church they learned that construction nearby had knocked out the air conditioning to the chapel.  This happened on August 20th!   Needless to say, without the use of expletives, it was pretty darn hot out.  The stage was set.  We had a 1 year old at 4:40pm in August, in a church with no AC about to sit through a full mass.  If this does not sound like a recipe for disaster then I don't know what does.  But then I didn't know Lucas.  With all the afternoon had thrown at him, Lucas handled the heat magnificently.  Sure, there were some tears but they weren't where you would expect them.  Usually when the water is poured on the child's head they begin to cry, but not Lucas.  As the Priest began his ritual delugee, Lucas looked up at his parents and simply let out a sigh of relief.  The priest looked up at the family with a smile and said "Well, thats not how that usually goes." Then they all began to laugh.  The rest of the ceremony, while warm, went beautifully.

      I feel very honored to have been a part of such an important day.      I would like to congratulation Lucas and the rest of his family.  It is clear to me this is a very close and loving group of people.


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