Portfolio Building Session

I am so happy to see you have come this far!  Below is a list of scenes to choose from.  After your session we will meet face to face where you will be presented with 30 to 60 images. As a thank you for your participations you will be able to choose three of your most favorite images at no charge.  These images will then be profesionally retouched and delivered to you in a password protected gallery.  If you happen to fall in love with more than three images don't worry you will of course have the opprotunity to purchase them.  



Pillow Fight

Building Forts

Building Sand Castles

Children Dancing

Board Games with Family

Runnig Through the Sprinklers

Playing Dress Up

Riding Bikes Around the House

Playing baseball, Soccer, Basketball, ect Around the House

Family Swimming 

Art Project 

Daily routine

Family Reading Stories Together

Brushing Teeth

Getting Dressed

Solo Child Practicing a Musical Instrument 

Doing Home Work

Feeding Pets

Cooking Dinner


Mother and Son

Grandmother and Grand Children

Grandfather and Grandchildren

Welcoming Home Baby (preferably 2nd or third child)

Special events

Birth of a Child

First Day of School

Birthday party

Grand Birthday Party (celebrating 80 years or higher)


Bot or Bar-mitzvah


Child Moving Away to College

Located in Scottsdale Arizona, JAO Photography is focused on traditional family portrait photography as well as lifestyle photography captured in a photojournalistic style.  Please join our newsletter by clicking the footprints below.

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